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The National Cattle Breeding centre (NCBC) is Ireland’s largest cattle breeding organisation operating the largest Dairy and Beef breeding programmes and through our shareholders Munster A.I. and Progressive Genetics the largest insemination services and 98% of all herd recording services in Ireland.

Fertility, health and a focus on maximising profit from grazed grass is the essence of NCBC’s comprehensive dairy programme which makes maximum use of modern technologies such as data analysis and genomic selection to identify and select the best grassland genetics. Our beef programme is designed to identify and test superior sires of each breed for commercially important terminal and maternal traits.

NCBC’s highly successful breeding programmes has delivered a line up of independently proven superior sires to ensure today’s market demands are met in an efficient and profitable manner.

Semen from all NCBC sires is available exclusively in Ireland through Munster A.I. and Progressive Genetics.



IBBCS OPen evening

IBBCS Open Evening BTAP approved.Progeny of Adajio AJY, Sultan STQ, Manitou DBZ and Canadian Club can be viewed....



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